Activities Implemented:

Date Activity Funded by Location Cash in USD Beneficiaries
25 – 27 April 2008 Dry food  distribution            Local Somali Business men Abeesaale IDPs $ 3,000 150 families
1-11 November 2008 Milking cow project Diaspora Ceel maged $ 4,700 120 families
15-17 April 2009 Essential drugs distribution Local community Qurac joome IDPs $ 5000 200 patients
21-25 March 2010 Dry food distribution Diaspora Hiran IDPs $ 3,600 80 families
5-20 Jun 2011 Dry food distribution Diaspora Bakol IDPs $ 11692 400 families
7-15 Sept  2011 Dry food distribution Local  NGOs Qurac jome IDPs $ 20,500 520 families
8-10 Dec   2011 Dry food distribution Funded by Hordo NGO Eel Adde IDPs $  25,500 2000 families
  Project Goals
  Problem Analysis
  Results for Project Delivery  
The project analyses how access to drinking water and sanitation services is evolving, looking into the trends in rural areas ( Farlibax, Baadikeen and Ceel Cadde) and how these are related to the likelihood of achieving the drinking water and sanitation target.
• To improve the access, quality, availability and sustainability of water supply and wastewater services in the small towns of Farlibax,Baadi keen and Ceel Cadde.
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Lack of sanitation facilities and poor hygiene cause water-borne diseases, such as diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid and several parasitic infections

• More people in Farlibax, Baadikeen and Ceel Cadde did not have access to an improved source of drinking water.

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  The most important expected results of this project will be digging protected wells in rural villages Farlibaax, Baadikeen and Ceel Cadde along with the corresponding training and education of villagers.
The main objective of the project is to encourage sustained community investment in the project while simultaneously enhancing community health and communication.
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